The Only Safe Way to Buy a Physical Cryptocurrency Carrier

Provided with a growing asset, created by a great artist of our time, unique, made of precious metal

Three variants of our coins for any financial possibilities:

A coin is a physical carrier of a cold wallet for storing cryptocurrency with identifiers, a round shape 32.6 mm in diameter made of various metals, depending on the option you choose.

  • Nominal value of 0.1 eth of 999 silver
    400 euro
  • Nominal value 0 eth made of silver
    40 euro / $40
  • Nominal value 0.002 eth made of copper or aluminum
    11 euro / $11

You can check the authenticity on our website


There is a QR code on the reverse of the coin. It will allow you to check the presence of the nominal value on this wallet. Under this code is the password for accessing the wallet, damage The QR code indicates the impossibility of re-selling the coin

On the coin's edge is a private key for accessing funds on the wallet. On the obverse of the coin is an artist's drawing created from an existing work, with inscriptions,the coin number and the artist's address.

If you have any questions, follow the instructions.

Payment terms and price

The nominal price depends on the current exchange rate (dynamically changes depending on from the exchange rate of the asset), the price of a coin without a nominal value is 40 euro per piece. The price of a coin with a minimum face value of 11 euro, but depends on the exchange rate.

All transactions go through an escrow agent

Verify the authenticity of the issued coin using the form


You don't have to believe us, but after selling coins with a nominal value and wallets, we destroy the keys and advise you to change the email address on the wallet and enable two-factor authentication. At the initial stage, we store all correspondence and accesses for 3 months in a centralized manner, so you don't have to worry about losing IDs.

As long as you haven't deleted our dialog in telegram, you can spy it there.

If this happened, it means someone got access to the coin and the passphrase. After receiving clarifications, we can replace your coin with an identical one once.

No, you can order a coin with any denomination.

To do this, it is enough to select one of the exchangers and specify the card for withdrawal.

A little later we will add a new coin with a multi-wallet. Then it will be safe to buy and sell coins on the secondary market.

The value of a coin is the value of the metal and the work to create it. You get the nominal value as a gift. In addition, the nominal value has a chance to grow in price.